A new beauty in sound and design.

The stunning curves and flows of the new Bogányi grand piano
World renowned, Hungarian pianist, Gergely Bogányi, had a burning desire to add a new beauty to the way the piano looks and sounds. So he introduced modern innovation to the last 200 years of almost unchanged piano tradition. The result is a new dimension of sound and design in the Bogányi B-262 and B-292 models.

The art of innovation in sight and sound

We have two new models of the Bogányi piano. The Prestige B-262 model and the new Grand Prestige  B-292 model. Both feature our curvaceous, flowing carbon fibre design and composite sound board. Read on below to find out more about each model. 


This is our flagship model and a full-size grand concert piano. Introducing a new dimension of smooth, powerful sound, entwined with its astonishing appearance. 


This is our smaller concert piano and the first of our biggest innovations of piano design in 200 years. It introduced our design concept and smooth, round Sound beyond time to the world.