A new beauty in sound and design.

The stunning curves and flows of the new Bogányi grand piano
World renowned, Hungarian pianist, Gergely Bogányi, had a burning desire to add a new beauty to the way the piano looks and sounds. So he introduced modern innovation to the last 200 years of almost unchanged piano tradition. The result is a new dimension of sound and design in the Bogányi B-262 and B-292 models. The designer who has brought the astounding shape and concept of the Bogányi piano into real life form and details is Hungarian industrial designer, Péter Üveges. He has designed and executed a broad range of musical instruments in his portfolio, mainly stringed in nature. See more of his portfolio, especially his range of minimalist electric guitars at up-design.hu  

Below is a small gallery featuring some original designs of Péter Üveges, our start and initial beginnings and the global launch of the B-262 model, that took place in the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest in January 2015.