The new B-292 Grand 

The GRAND PRESTIGE B-292 is a full-sized concert grand piano. Our new flagship model introduces a whole new dimension of smooth powerful sound entwined with astonishing appearance. 


The crimson cast iron plate

To match the enhanced sound in stability and design, we have developed a new cast-iron frame that is unique to its kind. The crimson red of the cast-iron plate is our trademark of brave and innovative solutions. It not only holds the 21 tons of string tension easily, but also realises our philosophy: Beautiful functionality and power in harmony with design.


an enlarged composite soundboard

The soul of the instrument, the soundboard, has been further enlarged and proportioned to enhance our Sound beyond time for more power and roundness in the desired tone. The construction technology for composite elements has been modified to fit the demands of the enlarged body.



keyboard and action

We have created our own keys from original materials. We also now truly combine modern materials with each other with a carbon fibre action, custom designed for us by Wessell, Nickel & Gross.

DIMENSIONS:  LENGTH: 2960mm WIDTH: 1880mm HEIGHT: 1000mm WEIGHT: 650 kg